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Risk Management - The Master Program Concept

Value Proposition

At Total Insurance Services, we recommend that property portfolios consider implementing integrated, master programs which will ensure:

  • One program with efficiency and reduction in premiums
  • Consistency in coverage amongst the properties
  • Reduction in the redundancy of liability limits and premiums
  • Consistent approach to safety recommendation and claims handling
  • Umbrella/excess program that extends over  all of your properties – ensuring that you are adequately protected in the event of claim
  • Ease of program management – one date – one carrier – one broker

Total Insurance is an industry leader in developing, implementing and managing master insurance programs for numerous high profile real estate firms.  Because of this level of experience, you can be assured that we are providing you with a level of insurance and financial expertise that serves as a template for highly effective master insurance programs.  We are proud to include as our clients Cagan Management Group, Nimrod Realty Group, The Braeside Group, Fox Management Group, A&R Katz Management & Development, Forth Management to name a few.  

Benefits of a Master Insurance Program

Highlights of the Master Program

  • Potential 3 year rate lock guarantee

Property  Highlights


Can individually pick and choose the limits and deductibles.


Coverage is written on a guaranteed replacement cost basis. This means that in the event of a loss, the policy will guarantee that it is replaced and not limited to the specified policy limit.



Equipment Breakdown

Automatically included

Business Interruption

Actual Loss sustained for 18 months

Back-Up Sewer/Drains


Debris Removal


Flood & Quake


Tenant Move Back Expense

Covers expenses incurred to move tenants back within 60 days of the date of repair

Lessors’ Lease Cancellation

Covers loss of rental income when a lease is cancelled because premises become uninhabitable due to a covered loss

Emergency Vacating Expenses

Covers additional costs for moving tenants due to an emergency order

General Liability Highlights

General Liability is included at minimum limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate


Per Location Limit

Fire Legal Liability


Abuse & Molestation

Not excluded

Hired & Non-Owned Auto


Crisis Management

Covers additional expenses for communications, business income and post event expenses such as medical , counseling and transportation expenses from a covered event

Builder’s Risk

One of the unique features of the master program is that builder’s risk coverage can be extended for the property at the same premium rate.

Discrimination (employment and third party)

Because of our expertise in developing master insurance programs, we have developed strong relationships/partnerships with key insurance companies.  These relationships have afforded us the opportunity to include coverage enhancements with the insurance contract that are not available elsewhere –such as including coverage for third party discrimination (tenants) in addition to specific employment related coverage.   When it comes to real estate exposures third party discrimination incidents can be the greatest area of potential loss when it comes to an alleged discrimination incident.

Umbrella Coverage

Amongst our strategic partners for insurance we have two (2) insurance carriers that provide their excess limits on a true umbrella form.  What this means is that the umbrella is not merely providing limits that mirror the underlying coverage’s,  but also provides broadened coverage’s in Coverage B (non-employment related discrimination, newly acquired subsidiaries, broadened definition of bodily injury) and now Coverage C which provides environmental coverage’s as well.  

Premium Allocation 

We will work with the client in developing an allocation system that allows the client to allocate premiums on the master coverage components, where applicable.  We will not only provide the client with a master spreadsheet that indicates the premium by coverage component (property, general liability, umbrella), but will also assist the client by providing an invoice for each property location for their portion of the premium due, per your direction.

In developing a premium allocation method the one critical factor that needs to be considered is the client’s objective for the allocation.  The objectives for real estate risks can range from a pure allocation basis in which the premium is allocated based on the actual exposure to an allocation basis in which premiums are balanced between the various locations.  And within that range comes concepts such as weighting for loss experience.  At Total Insurance we will explore the client’s objectives and offer recommendations for an allocation model based on the objectives. 

Risk Management Services

Typically, Total Insurance Services maintains the role of “off-site” Risk Manager for many of our clients.   Because of our expertise in insurance for real estate firms, we have the depth of resources that will ensure that the client is receiving targeted risk management services that meet the unique needs of property owners. 

We also work with professional risk management consultants our clients engage with by providing the brokerage services as part of their overall risk management team. Because we stay ahead of the market trends by continually monitoring the markets and identifying carriers who are committed to real estate clients, we facilitate an efficient risk management program for the client.

At Total Insurance Services we do not limit ourselves to relationships with just a few carriers, but maintain access to numerous markets.  This is important for both the client and consultant in that you can be assured that we are bringing a complete representation of the most competitive options available
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