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Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Insurance Information


The restaurant environment today is more complex than ever, and you should make sure your business is protected.  As your business changes, so should your insurance coverage.  Whether your business is a trendy fine dining restaurant, fast food restaurant, bar or tavern, or even a 24 hour restaurant, we have the solutions to protect your business.

As a business owner, did you ever wonder what would happen if:

  • Your restaurant unintentionally and inadvertently sold contaminated food that made a customer sick?
  • Your business was shut down during the busiest day of the year?
  • What about fires from burning candles, open flames or fryers?
  • Or a customer hurt themselves or someone else from drinking too much alcohol?

If any of the events happen to you, you would realize that your restaurant insurance is as good as your food and repeat customers.

We know that thinking about your restaurant insurance isn’t always first on your list, so let us make it easy for you.  We know your business, we understand your risk; let us create a specifically tailored program for your business. Your business is unique, so should your business insurance.

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