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Specialists in Real Estate

At Total Insurance Services we have a team of dedicated professionals providing insurance solutions for real estate.  The following are some of the many reasons why property management clients team up with Total Insurance Services for providing comprehensive and competitive insurance solutions – both in terms of coverage and price.

1)   The professionals at Total are specialists in real estate field and understand the insurance needs of owners and tenants, alike.  As such, Total has the expertise in providing the most comprehensive coverage that is both necessary and desirable for complete protection.

2)  One of the keys to our success is that we recognize the incredible number of demands on the client’s time.  Everything we do is an effort to reduce the time spent on insurance.  This starts with the time it takes to obtain insurance quotes.  Total represents over 50 insurance companies that insure real estate risks and can shop all of them for you – comparing and contrasting the coverage options as well. 

3)  Total has some exclusive relationships that allow for coverage, such as crisis management, that others cannot offer.

4)  Total has a web site (  that allows building owners and their mortgage companies access to proof of coverage 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

5)  Total has a national reach and is able to provide insurance solutions for properties located through the United States.

For a well established and continuously growing real estate firm, it is important to establish partnerships that complement the client’s core business and provide a value-added benefit.  At Total we recognize the importance of such partnerships and have been at the forefront of developing creative risk management solutions that enhance the service offerings for our partners.   

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