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Health / Accident Insurance

Health / Accident Insurance Information

Individual / Family

With Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL, you can obtain a quote and apply online. If you would like assistance with determining what plan would best fit your needs, please contact us at 847-205-1777 and ask for the Individual Medical Department.


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Benefits: Services

Service can mean a lot of things in today’s world.  At Total Insurance, providing Personal Service is the foundation of our benefits practice.  We recognize the need and use of technology to help enhance our services to our clients, but at the same time,  never lose sight of the importance of personal assistance.  Below are some of the features of our Benefits Consulting Practice:

·        Research and analyze client’s groups benefits needs and physician networks

o       Review current plans and level of satisfaction

o       Determine key person’s objectives

o       Collect census

·        Survey the marketplace for appropriate plans and carriers

o       Analyze the available carriers and plans

o       Check that key person’s physicians are in proposed network

o       Benchmark existing plan against National data

·        Present plan alternatives that meet client’s benefits and budgetary needs

o       Prepare presentation

o       Explain plan differences

·        Define eligibility

o       Explain the requirements for group coverage

o       Acceptable waivers

o       Participation requirements

·        Prepare master application, supporting documents and employee enrollment

o       Multi-Carrier Online Enrollment and Underwriting

o       Group Application which defines the terms of the plan

o       Eligibility documents supplied by group and included with the application

o       Employee enrollments completed by employees defining their status and named dependents

·        Educate employees about their plan

o       Install incentive based Wellness Programs

o       Install the plan upon acceptance by the carrier

·        Support your client’s employee benefits and HR needs

o       Provide personal claims concierge service

o       Provide access to an online Human Resource Library, called HR360

o       Be available to respond to questions regarding the plan, claims and eligibility

o       Keep clients ahead of the curve by notifying them of changes in laws—issues that will directly impact their businesses

o       Provide customer support throughout the plan year such as enrollment changes, claims and insurance I.D. cards

o       Provide support when COBRA issues come up or mini-COBRA needs for less than 20 employees

o       Provide assistance with the annual CMS Disclosure - Keep clients ahead of the curve by notifying them of changes in laws—issues that will directly impact their businesses

·        Help with open enrollment issues

o       Provide support at open enrollment time with explaining choices and assisting enrollment

·        Provide documentation such as SPDS when needed

o       Arrange to provide the documents at inception and for changes in the plan

·        Facilitate renewal and eligibility verification

o       Provide explanation of renewal

o       Design plan alternatives in line with budget and priorities

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