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Real Estate

  • Is the economy affecting your budget?
  • Are collection issues with rents and loss assessments leaving you with less to work with?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you are not alone.  At Total Insurance Services we may not be able to collect your rents or assessments but we can help reduce your insurance expense, which allows you to do more with what you have.

As leaders in insuring community associations and apartment buildings, Total Insurance Services is at the forefront or providing highly competitive insurance solutions – both in coverage and price.  We not only look at what is needed to appropriately insure against financial loss – but we also explore new products and ideas that can offer you a greater level of insurance protection.

Our signature services include:

  • State of the art website with 24/7 access to certificate of insurance – free of charge
  • Risk management review of current insurance program
  • Large umbrella limits
  • In-house claims management

We provide the “Total” solution– from insuring the association or apartment building to providing coverage for unit owners, renters and management firms.

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